On The Journey With You.

There are more of us Journeymen than you know. We are all around you. You know some of us very well, others are strangers at the moment, but they may know you well. You will meet them all on this path. We will guide you when you need it. And step back when you need freedom and space.


Many, many. And tools, tricks, riddles, points of clarity. Moments of stillness. Stirring of energy, anger, hate. Creative love. Tenderness. Frank, honest, authentic conversation. Humble listening and careful understanding. All these to help you to create the life you have already imagined, and to stand with you as that which wants to emerge takes form.

Stepping onto the path. And staying the course.

This is not the path for the uncommitted dabbler. It will demand of you. But that is the point isn't it? Set a course that will make something of you. Our authentic commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support as you stand poised to take the next step.

Stand up and Sign Up.

What should I bring? What do I need?

Working Tools and other equipment

In one sense, you already have everything you need. But until you realise that, we can provide that what you need. We help you create time for you, a quiet space, we can provide individual attention for one on one work and invitation into small group discussion.